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Financial sustainability of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Europe


This questionnaire is part of the SolidBase Erasmus+ project in order to address the issue of financial sustainability of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Europe. More information regarding the project can be found here. Your contribution in completing this questionnaire is important, it will benefit the positive development of CSA in Europe.

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The project team:

  • TVE (Hungary, lead),
  • Urgenci (France/International),
  • Agronauten and Solawi (Germany),
  • AMPI (Czech Republic) 

Contact solidbase@owlswatch.net for any questions regarding the research.


Overall aim of the research:

  • Get a better understanding of current financial workings of CSAs in Europe.
  • Identify the learning attitude and skills of CSA members (consumers, farmers etc.) in order to build an efficient training program.
  • Strengthen the community aspect of CSA.

These points will be incorporated into the design of training courses for financial sustainability of CSAs in Europe.


The definition of CSA (European CSA Research Group 2015):

CSA is a direct partnership between a group of consumers and producer(s) whereby the risks, responsibilities and rewards of farming activities are shared through long-term agreements. Generally operating on a small and local scale, CSA aims at providing quality food produced in an agroecological way.


The definition of financial sustainability of CSA (Solid Base project 2018):

The financial sustainability of CSAs is the ability of the farmer (or farmers) and the CSA community to maintain both the farm(s) and the CSA initiative in the long-term. In order to achieve this long-term resilience, the farm should not depend on specific external grants or donations, and should not transfer debts either to the next generation of farmers, or to the community.

Sustainable livelihoods of farmers are at the core of CSA, in which farmers engage with agroecology as a continuous process of learning. Sustainable livelihoods of farmers also uphold food justice, in which farmers and labourers are justly compensated for their work, their stewardship, and their knowledge, and in which consumers have access to a diversity of culturally, geographically, and nutritionally appropriate food. Finally, sustainable livelihoods of farmers contribute to food sovereignty, in which consumers and producers are empowered to co-design and co-determine the shape of their food system in an on-going democratic process.



This is an in-depth questionnaire, which requires thorough knowledge of both the CSA group organization and the situation on the farm(s).

Ideally, this questionnaire is therefore to be filled collectively by a CSA group coordinator and the farmer(s), or by somebody who is well aware of both dimensions.


Data security:

Our policy regarding the data collection: All data will be treated confidentially and will be made anonymous. The use of the information given is for research purpose only. Only those involved with the project (European researchers working on Solid Base) will have access to the data through a password-protected network. You will not be recognizable in any publication.
Cookies have to be enabled on the user side, so that the questionnaire can be filled over a longer period of time or with longer breaks.

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