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First European Community Supported Agriculture Census: Your CSA counts!

The first European-wide census on Community-supported Agriculture groups, led by the European CSA Research Group

CSA Farmers and Eaters!
Activists and researchers from 30 different countries have joined forces to launch the first European census on Community Supported Agriculture. They came up with a common ground definitions for CSAs throughout Europe :
« CSA is a direct partnership between a group of consumers and one or several producers whereby the risks, responsibilities and rewards of farming activities are shared, through long-term formal or informal shared agreement. Generally operating on small scale, CSAs aim at providing quality food produced in an agroecological way. »
They also came up with the following 26 essential questions that will be sent to all CSAs throughout Europe. The objective is to map the diversity of initiatives and to identify their strengths and common characteristics. So far as we know, your group seems to fit this definition of CSA, that is why you received this questionnaire.
The CSA movement is being increasingly recognized as a model that can help fix the broken food system and support the transition to agroecology. Before others speak on our behalf, it is important to know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. We cannot hide any more !
This research is needed if we want to give a coherent, well-informed image of our movement to other actors and institutions.
This research is needed to learn from each other and to keep our movement creative.
Your experience is precious. Please take 5 to 10 minutes to fill in this questionnaire, reflecting the reality of your CSA group.

Important Notice :
Your contact details might be used for further research but will not in any case be made public nor used for any other purpose.

There are 26 questions in this survey.